There was a time when producing custom videos would cost you an arm and a leg or — at the least — a big bag of money. Today, thanks to modern technology and a very generous TellOnYou owner, our prices are remarkably reasonable.


Asking questions ... $0

Professional advice ... $0

Video production ... Please inquire further.

Our fees will vary depending on the scope of your project and the level of production quality you wish to attain. We can professionally shoot video at our studios. Or, for a nominal travel fee, we can shoot on-location — almost anywhere in America. The total cost will depend on whether you want us to just shoot your video, shoot and edit your video, or just edit and spruce up a video you already have. There may also be a fee to license music for commercial videos. But regardless of what your budget is, we guarantee three things.

  1. Our prices will always be amazingly reasonable, and ...

  2. Our work is 100% guaranteed. This means that if you are not entirely happy with what we produce for you, you pay absolutely nothing, and ...

  3. Our personal videos that feature a love or life story — or a tribute to someone special in your life — qualify for special terms. Make a deposit on your movie, and we'll let you take as long as you need to pay it off, with absolutely no interest or penalties.

Are the services we offer right for you?

Need a business video? Getting your message — and the right message — in front of the right people is not child's play. TellOnYou has nearly 40 years of experience doing just that. Our owner previously directed the marketing efforts of one of the 100 fastest growing small businesses in the U.S. He can help your business, too.

If you're thinking about a personal video for someone special in your life, consider how you would feel to be the recipient of the most unique gift anyone has ever given you.

The decision is easy —

Tell the world (or someone you love) your story. E-mail us today.
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