What was it? "Dad —The movie!" I called TellOnYou and arranged to have my dad intereviewed about his courtship of mom. It was all so easy and fun. TellOnYou made a movie of it, complete with video & narrations from dad, a soundtrack, and lots of old photographs. Mom LOVED it!

Movies about families are just one of many types of personal videos we produce that make the most unique gift or tribute ever for someone you love. Our personal movies are made just like a real movie, except your movie stars whomever you select, even yourself if you wish.

Personal Movies for Every Occasion...

Life Story* Marriage Mender* Wedding Video+
Love Story* Appreciation Video* Video Resume
Video Love Letter* Music Video* Last Will & Testament
Anniversary Video* Memorial Video Valentine’s Day Video*
*Our most popular movie types. +We do not film weddings but will gladly use your video in our movies.

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All of our personal movies are satisfaction guaranteed. Whether we’re producing the movie for you, or as a special gift and lifetime keepsake for someone important in your life, we guarantee your 100% satisfaction. If you’re not happy with the finished movie, you pay absolutely nothing.

Camera shy?

It's the last place some people want to be — in front of a camera. But no one has ever said that after they leave our studio. That's because we make it all so easy.

Just show up (or we'll show up at your place) and meet your new friends at TellOnYou. We're very 'easy-to-get-to-know' folks and there is no need to prepare for a thing.

Unlike a photographer's studio, our filming studio is a very relaxed place, featuring a cozy dining room / screening room. Some clients bring a lunch or dinner with them to enjoy as we film. Some even tell their loved ones they are taking them out to eat and end up eating at our studio. (Sneaky!) But no matter under what pretense you arrive (or we arrive), it will be a day you will long remember ... and cherish.

The great thing about all of the personal movies we make is that there is no script and no rehearsal. We simply sit down with you and ask questions that relate to whatever it is you want us to capture. It's like talking to your best friend or neighbor over coffee at your kitchen table. There is, simply, no stress at all. Plus, scheduling is never a problem. We film morning, day or evenings ... even on the weekends.

TellOnYou can make a movie for ANYONE important in YOUR life.

Once the filming is done, we go to work editing your story into a mini-movie, complete with film credits and music you can select or provide. In most films, our clients also provide us with some photos (even home video) to include in the story. We weave it all together to create a compelling, fascinating story that your loved ones will treasure for a lifetime.

Want to shoot your own video to save money? That's fine with us. You provide it to us in digital form, and we’ll edit it for you to give it a polished, professional look.

Consider what it would mean to someone special in your life to be the recipient of the most unique, most personalized gift they have ever been given. We make it happen every day at TellOnYou.

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