Cathy R

"There is nothing better than working on a project with people who are passionate about what they do. ... You are skilled artisans not only in the technical aspect of video production but also in the art of storytelling. Your attention to detail is impeccable. Your ability to capture the spirit of our members, and edit their stories together, created a bigger picture of “us” that we had not seen before. It really was magic."

Alice T

"We are getting many great responses about the movies.  We are excited about new possibilities.  You make us look great!"

"Your work is excellent and I have received positive comments on my travels this summer.  We featured the videos to a large conference in Turkey and to select groups in Egypt during the last four weeks.  Thanks for your outstanding work."

David S

"The video is great! I can’t imagine what all goes into putting all the piece-parts together. It captures the essence of our staff beautifully. I know it is going to be a great asset to our website."

Ralph H

"I have viewed the new video several times now. My first impression, as affirmed by the second ... is that you are a gifted person. You truly craft message with music and image to bring forth something unique and powerful. ... You have a keen ability to capture the message more than the messenger. ... Thank you for your time and care with this video."

Barb W

"I saw the presentation version today of the "Best Friends" video and also "The Boat Ride."  I was just blown away. ... You did a wonderful job! ... Can't thank you enough for your time in making something that really hits the mark in telling our story. God bless you."

John D

"I can’t tell you with enough emotion how pleased I am ...  I believe your phone will start ringing soon ... I have dropped your name dozens of times!!!  The music you chose was emotionally powerful and perfect.  What a medium video is.  Thanks for your hard work."

Nancy T

"If the movie is even half as good as the trailers, it will be a hit! Thank you for all the long hours and creative energy you have devoted to this project. Can’t wait to see it!"

Danelle G

"Thanks so much for your information last week. I went to the site you recommended, knowing I had you as a back-up plan. I was thrilled when, after a long day, my website was published! I know I still have a lot of corrections, and learning, and things to add, but my business is now "birthed" into cyberspace and I wanted to thank YOU so much for the info about domain names, and this website place for getting me started!"

Michael G

"This morning, as usual, I signed onto my computer while having my morning cup of coffee. While reading all of the horrible stories on the MSNBC site, something came over me. I had had enough and thought there has to be something better than this. For whatever reason, I came upon your online newsletter. Well, nearly three hours later I finally came up for air. I thoroughly enjoyed your “Other News” stories including “Mistakes We Make” and “Raising Smart Kids” which I forwarded to friends who are raising children. What a breath of fresh air and a great service. Thanks!"

Tom F

"I want to express my profound admiration for the site you’ve crafted. In my day job, we work hard and labor on getting a good look with content functionality to pull traffic. I’ve told the Congregational Council and our Communications Board that your work is perhaps the best church site I’ve seen. Period.

I serve as chair of the SC Synods’ Commission on Communications and the site stands up with the best nationwide in the ELCA. Thank you. Thank you. Wonderful job."

Timothy T

"Your efforts and direction have clearly moved us to this level and quality. It is a GREAT site and would not have been nearly as successful and attractive without your leadership. Thank you."

Howard M

"The feedback we have received from the website committee has been phenomenal.  Everyone thinks it's great and can clearly see the high quality professional work you do. What a big difference from what we had."

Anna H

"I want to say again how moving the video was.  John and his wife thought it was wonderful. Thank you so much for your art, craft and wisdom in taking conversation and editing it into a real story. I am just thrilled with the video and can't wait to see the others."

Rick D

"Thank you both again for the wonderful job you did with all the people you met while here. I have heard nothing but warm, fond remembrances from the people that met you. Needless to say, they are chomping at the bit to see your handiwork. We know it is going to be well worth the wait."

"FABULOUS job on the DVD movie you created. Outstanding. I have had great feedback."

"GREAT JOB on the movies you have added to our website this week. Our Youth folks are pleased and the newest one on serving will be a great evangelism tool."

Paul P

"It probably hasn’t been said in awhile, so I want to let you know our appreciation for your help with the website.  You help to make it possible for us to attend to today’s technology and the ways people communicate and share information. I can tell you a number of folks have come to us through the website.  So, thanks!"

Jack H

"Your team did an outstanding job for us. They carefully listened to what we were trying to accomplish, then went above and beyond our expectations. Their professionalism, creativity, and concern for doing a great job was evident to me from my first encounter with them."

Joyce B

"Thank you s-o-o much for the work you did on my Valentine video. My husband was just as excited about giving it to me as I was when viewing it. You made our special day extra, extra special."

Melissa G

"Thank you so  much for the DVD but I have one question?  Where have you been all these years that my children were in programs?  I would have gladly paid you $$$ for your video in lieu of the other company.  Your DVD is so entertaining. ... I had NO idea it would be so much fun!!!"

Deborah S

"Bart just got a call from CNN, which is working on a major story about special needs children's teachers, and the executive producer had seen your movie featuring Anne Marie on Bart's website.  CNN, as a result of your video, is picking Anne Marie to interview and address whatever special needs issue is in the news right now. Bart asked me to pass along to you that your work is impressing even the folks at CNN."

Myrtle B

"You have been so much help to me that I cannot imagine having done this job (webmaster) without your help and support. Many, many thanks for all that you have done for me. You are truly the GREATEST!! I sing your praises often."

John T

"For many years our church talked about getting a website up and running.  While it looked simple, the reality was that getting it done would take time, effort, and an expertise that few people in most congregations possess.  Thankfully through another pastor we learned about you. The site that you developed for us is better than anything we had imagined, and the comments we receive from visitors and others who view the site are tremendous." 

John W

"WOW!!!!  WOW!!!  WOW!!! What a great website!! I am honored and proud to be "linked" to it!!"

Michael P

"I received the video which you most wonderfully created. I watched it last night and was dissolving into a puddle of tears. The video makes me feel truly humbled and certainly unworthy. I thank you for the care and skill with which you crafted it." 

Amanda Z

"WOW!!!  What a great website!  The movies are so well put together.  I love the music and timing in the “Cast” movie.  What a great job you all did! 

Charles S

"Just wanted you to know how pleased I am with our new website.  I have sent links to everyone in my address book and have gotten great comments back.  Thanks for doing a great job."

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